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Baby On Board Rear car window/ bumper sticker

With several different images, we have no doubt you can find what you are looking for

Sticker Sizes:
1: 11.18cm x 20cm
2: 12.59cm x 20cm
3: 9.63cmx 20xm
4: 17.64cm x 20cm
5: 19.08cm x 20cm

Baby On Board sticker for your car window or bumper.

Promote the Safety of your new family member
This Baby On Board Sticker will let people know that you have a baby in your car.
Other drivers will be more careful around your car and you will have a safer environment while driving with your baby.
Will alert first responders that there is a person in the vehicle that is incapable of unbuckling themselves in case of an accident
With several different images to choose from, we have no doubt you can find what you are looking for.

These stickers are High quality UK-made precision cut vinyl decals.
They are cut from an intermediate calendared vinyl with a 4 to 5-year exterior life.
This is a vinyl with a special PVC film which has a glossy surface and is suitable for  outdoor applications.
The vinyl has a 75-micron polyacrylate premium adhesive.

A Bit of history

A version of the sign was found in Germany by Patricia Bradley of Medford, Massachusetts. 
With her sister Helen she started a company, PHOB, to market them in the US.
They  sadly only had limited success until partnering with Michael Lerner.
The sign became a ubiquitous fad, flourishing in 1985.
Its use in the US rapidly declined in 1986 as parody imitations with lines like: Baby I’m Bored, Pit Bull on board  became popular.
Although its popularity continues in the United Kingdom, Italy and in Japan usually well into the 21st century.
In 2005, Transport for London (TfL) began issuing badges with the TfL logo and the words “Baby on board!”
This was to help passengers identify pregnant commuters who would like to be offered a seat.

Baby On Board

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