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We All have something we are good at, “perform Like A Boss”, so why not brag about it with this Like A Boss T-Shirt, or just create a light hearted fun topic.

The way the words Like A Boss is used today in popular culture originates from to do something “like a boss”, or with a swaggering skill, which is a combination of the original conventional meaning of the word boss, to do something with authority, and the slang meaning, to do it extremely well.
The modern-day use of the expression originated in hip-hop. In his 2005 debut album, “Already Platinum”, rapper Slim Thug recorded a track called, “Like a Boss”, where he lists all the things he does like a boss (“I call the shots (like a boss)). Then in 2008, inspired by the rap, Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) Andy Samberg, did a parody of the song with the same name which brought the phrase into the American mainstream culture.